Don’t Mind Me



22 July 2013
12:32 AM


How bittersweet, to come to the end, to arrive at a death of someone you care about–and to realise that there is nothing you can do about it.

Yeah. That’s my day–crying over the death of fictional characters. I had to lie down. Was curled up into a ball all afternoon.

And now it’s past midnight and I can’t sleep and I will probably go through everything again.


PS. I stared at this for awhile and tried to write something profound, but I can’t. So now I’m going to bed (again) with a box of tissues by my side and some aspirin because I predict weeping myself to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Me

  1. I want to ask who it was, but I’m scared that I’ll know too much for my own good, even if I’m not reading the same book. So, which book were you reading?

    • Oh, I was rereading A Storm of Swords. But–I have also just finished the last episode of Spartacus (Season 3, War of the Damned). So I am not entirely sure which character I am crying over *more* of, only that I was grieving all weekend.

      I think–this time probably Spartacus. I know, I know–history tells of a sad end for him, but I guess I was not prepared to see it on screen. I’ve been with the show for four years now, so it was pretty hard to let go.

      And damn those scenes in ASOS. Damn you George R.R. Martin. I didn’t expect to cry because I thought I’ve cried enough when I first read it, and when I watched Season 3, but–damn. Just damn.



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