In Need of Notebooks

Strasbourg, France 2013

Strasbourg, France 2013

17 July 2013
9:06 am
Gunsbach, France

T. —

After all that fuss, apparently we did have internet at the hotel we’re staying in. Also, I’ve been trying to find my computer converter for days so I can plug it in and charge it. Yesterday, Andrew very kindly reminded me You bought your computer in Amsterdam. I say, Yes, so? He says, So… you’re trying to find a converter to connect a European plug into a European socket. 

Ah. Yes.

Also, I misplaced all of the Song of Ice and Fire books on my phone because I don’t really understand how Kindle works sometimes. Apparently they were all there, and I could have been reading them for hours on the bus.

Such simple misunderstandings are often big stumbling blocks for me. Anyway.

We went to Strasbourg yesterday for the day. It’s about an hour and a half away from where we’re staying in Gunsbach. We went into the Cathedral, and climbed up the main tower (where we got panoramic views of the city). The Cathedral was beautiful, and (as Andrew consistently told me), the largest one he has ever seen.

Cathedral Candles, Strasbourg 2013

Cathedral Candles, Strasbourg 2013

We found a book market which had a French version of the Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

Book Market, Strasbourg

Book Market, Strasbourg

And I found the most beautiful stationary store. We spent 15 minutes in there before dinner, but I could have spent 15 hours in there. I wanted to buy up beautiful notebooks, but Andrew reminded me they cost almost as much as dinner, and I should wait and order them online when I am actually in need of notebooks (when exactly am I ever not in need of notebooks, though?):

Stationers, Strasbourg

Stationers, Strasbourg

I have so many pictures to show you, so many stories to tell. But until I read your post yesterday, I didn’t even realize that I haven’t been writing much down. There’s lots of sleeping, lots of pictures, lots of catching up. The first thing I wrote down in my notebook was at dinner last night, when my friend Rachael said: The thing I love most about stationary stores is the presentation of the promise of organization. I loved that. But it felt so good to be writing things down again. I have a stack of postcards as long as my hand. The postcard collection process is very successful so far.

Good morning,


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