Sidebar Adventures

13 July 2013
2:17 AM


There’s this magical part of YouTube, an experience that people call ‘sidebar adventures.’ It’s when you get sucked into a vortex of really good music, discovered only because you chose some random song on the sidebar. You click and you listen, and you click and you listen, and before you know it, it’s been three hours and it’s past two in the morning, and you’re so full of new songs that you would never otherwise have known if it wasn’t for the sidebar.

All you had to do was to just trust your gut and see where this night will take you.

It’s like following the white rabbit. You start with something familiar–in my case, The Cinematic Orchestra’s Arrival of the Birds. It led me to more than a dozen new songs to learn and listen to again. Now I’m ending with Explosions in the Sky’s So Long Lonesome, something I have played over and over throughout the years.

I feel I’ve come full circle, so maybe it’s now time for me to sleep.


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