Engaging With

Castle of Summer

Castle of Summer

7 July 2013
1:28 pm

T. —

I am exhausted already, but in a neutral way. It took me the better part of last week to stop being sick. Now, it’s just backaches, and general tiredness. It makes me glad that I have a few more days at home before we leave for vacation, and it makes me grateful for the sunshine. I just want a gentle way to recharge.

I read halfway through Section 3 of Wild last night, but had to put it down because it was engaging me too much while I was trying to fall asleep. I wanted to read something else off of my phone (screens put me to sleep, it seems, plus they are easier to hold in bed. Another benefit of the Kindle app), so I was going to start A Clash of Kings, but thought that wasn’t the best to put me to sleep either. I just finished Game of Thrones a few days ago. Starting the next one would be the best excuse to stay up all night. I also plan to re-read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore while we’re on vacation. Any other ebooks you want to pass over and recommend for while I’m away? Because, quite clearly, I don’t have enough to read =).

I love cross-reading: starting a certain book, and finishing about 3 others during the time it takes me to read the original book. I feel like it deepens my reading, allows me to make other connections that may not have happened if I were engaging with that book alone, a solo journey with no other context. But then again, I also just like to have options: which book will speak to how I am feeling right now? Which escape can I use today? Which world do I want to live in for the next few hours?

I’m applying for my dream job this week. I’ll tell you more about it when I find out if I have an interview for it.

Good morning,


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