Winding Down

6 July 2013
11:59 PM


I am thinking of things that we can’t take back. Words that leave our mouths before we have a chance to think them through. Names we call each other because the one you were born with isn’t enough, and because we wanted to be cruel. Opportunities to be kind that we let slip from our fingers. And time, as it passes us by.

I had an argument with my sister tonight, which makes me sad more than angry. I always underestimate the capacity of the people I love to hurt me, and whenever they do, it always comes to me as a surprise. Is it the work of faulty memory, do you think, or a faulty heart?

I am excited for you. That trip sounds like a dream (and will probably feel like it, too). I’ve always wanted to go to those three places.

I look forward to your stories. May these countries inspire you and rejuvenate your spirit, and show you things that will deepen your love for life.

Here, you might enjoy reading this before you fly: Collecting Air by Nick Bilton.

It’s time for bed. I’m winding down. The night is quiet, and the hours for hurting finally soften with sleep.



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