A Few Small Hours

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin

1 July 2013
10:11 am

T. —

I woke up this morning and checked on here for your morning post. I was disappointed to realize that it was my turn. Disappointed, because it means I’ll have to find something new to wake up to this month while you’re on evenings. It’s funny: I know how often my typical day changes, how often life evolves into something else. And yet I’m constantly surprised at even the smallest shifts.


I am on the border of ill and well today. A sore throat, a general tiredness in my bones. My muscles are aching. I feel like my body is shutting down now that I’m home. A rejection, somehow of what it didn’t like about this last journey. When Peta was in the kitchen this morning (we have a new roommate for the summer), I told her, Good luck with your first day of work. She told me, Good luck with your recovery.


Bloom has been hunting pigeons this morning. I think it’s hilarious, how she finds any means possible to get close to the windowsill, like making a cardboard box into a ledge so that she can flatten out and hide right below the sill. This morning, the pigeons were gathered outside our window, instead of one on the opposite building. Silly birds. Don’t you know what will happen? Bloom lept at the closed window and smacked it with her paws, right where their heads would be. I’m glad I’m not on the other side of that glass.


I miss Steinbeck. I have a suspicion my morning ritual for July will be diving back into his letters, or taking all of his books out from the library. I’ve only read Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men, but it seems like other people are finding pleasure in so many of his other books, and someday I would love to say I have read them all.


I have created a schedule board. Did I tell you that? I’ll start with it again tomorrow, because if I broke today down by the hours, it would be: sleep, eat, sleep, tea, sleep, breathe, and a few small hours of work. Not really worth scheduling a day with that much sleep in it. But I am aiming to write a few testimonials for my teacher’s website, and to read a bit, and to start on the list of interview questions my friend has sent me about creativity for her website. I guess that does sound like the day has something substantial to it, after all.

For now, rest.

Good morning,


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