Gloomy Sunday

30 June 2013
7:50 AM


It hasn’t stopped raining since last night. It’s been going on for about ten hours, I think, more or less.

The last time I spoke at a poetry reading was six or seven years ago. You know, I could never get the hang of it. It’s one thing to speak to a large crowd, and another to read something you wrote, and poetry at that.

I always feel a bit ill when I return to my chair. I think it takes a brave face to be up there on the stage, whereas I’m awkward all the time. I remember Catherine Deneuve in a scene in The Last Metro: it’s opening night, she says she’s calm–and then she runs upstairs and throws up.

But oh, to be at a table, a drink in my hands and my back to the wall–I could do that. I could do that all night. Just listening to words, words, words.


My family is off to church, but it remains to be seen whether roads are passable. I’ll know once they get back.

We have a tropical storm, and Manila is currently placed under Signal #2, which means expected winds with force of greater than 60kph and up to 100kph.

Goodbye, June.

A wet and windy good morning, nevertheless,


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