In bed, in another time (Taken on April 23, 2008)

In bed, in another time
(Taken on April 23, 2008)

29 June 2013
1:26 PM


There was a power outage a few blocks away from my house, and I couldn’t access the internet for awhile. Hence this comes a bit later than expected, in case you were waiting for something to read upon waking up. It’s curious how we seem to have similar concerns despite being a thousand miles away from each other. (It’s curious how technology severs and connects.)

I had already started to write you before I was interrupted, and now I couldn’t pick that thread up again. It’s lost somewhere in my head, so I’ll let it go. (That letter would come another time, I guess.)

It’s raining and it’s Saturday. Sometimes the universe speaks, and maybe today I am meant to be here: in bed, drifting off to sleep, listening to the water running down the pipes. I wanted to read but maybe dreaming is better. (I want to go to a different time entirely.)

Here is what I wrote when I took that photo:

23 April 2008
7:23 pm

Sometimes I wonder if it is the world that is sadder, or my eyes

Says W.G. Sebald:

Do we really die
only once

– from New Jersey Journey (Translated by Iain Galbraith)

I think there are clouds inside my head.



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