Bold and Bright


29 June 2013

T. —

I’m writing now in case there is no internet later. I’m on the bus right now between Galway and Dublin — a brand new bus, taking it’s first trip. Everything in here feels new and untouched, but every seat is packed. Someone said that there is wifi in each seat, rather than the bus as a whole.

Last night was even better than i had been expecting it to be. I read well, laughted at stories, watched as strangers spun tales, made friends with the strangers. One of the new friends invited me to Munroes after the Crane Bar, where his band was playing. He dedicated a song to me. I had a great time.

Last summer in New York City, Andrew and I went to go see an interactive play called “Sleep No More,” a contemporary version of MacBeth performed in a 5 story hotel. The audience wears masks, and can choose to follow whichever performer they want to, which often involved sprinting through dark corridors, trying to keep up with them. On the elevator up to the start of the show, a host told us: “Fortune favors the bold.” We came to realize what he meant by that: that apparent walls became curtains and portals if you looked hard enough, that nothing was as it seemed, that there might be a fludity to the boundaries between actor and audience that could be transcended if you offered the right kind of curiosity. As soon as the show finished, I was pulsing with excitement, and Andrew wanted to do it all over again.

It’s a little bit how i feel about Ireland right now. Excitement, wishing I could do it over again and change some things on my first day in Dublin, knowing what I know now. The understanding that fortune does seem to favor the bold. But I also think it’s true that the meek will inherit the earth. I just don’t agree with the usual definition of meek.

More soon. Lots more tomorrow.

Good evening,


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