And that's not even half of what I own

And that’s not even half of what I own

11 June 2013
9:03 AM


Some of my books are currently homeless. Major rearrangements happened yesterday in my office, resulting in the loss of two shelves and the Great Wall of Books beside my bed. Was so exhausted that my emotional range was very short: tears, and tears.

Tears, because I was frustrated that things weren’t going according to plan. When I thought all of this up, it was very logical and simple. I don’t know why it didn’t work out the way I wanted to. (In hindsight, this scenario is a microcosm of how my life is.)

Tears, because where will I put all of my books now?! I look at them, and I berate myself for having so many books. Then again I defiantly run my mouth against anyone who would tell me yesterday how much books I have. This is my life, I say. This is who I am, I say.

Ah. Who would’ve thought the lack of shelves would bring me to a breakdown? Certainly not me. I went to bed with the living room looking like it exploded, no, regurgitated books.

Today’s goal: to find space in the twenty square meters that is my office. Bring the books back in. Maybe create a reading nook (hah, I’m reaching for the stars here). Find a place to sleep.

Good morning,


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