Creative Expression

Songs For a New World, 2013

Songs For a New World, 2013

8 June 2013
4:41 pm

T. —

I’m writing earlier today because we’re going out for dinner after the show, and – judging from last night – I’m pretty sure I’m going to be exhausted. Photos are up from our dress rehearsal! You can see them here.

Spent the day resting, but we took a walk in the sunshine to go recycle things and went down to the farmer’s market. I’ve still been thinking about Amsterdam a lot, and other places I would like to go visit: Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Bali… so many places. Right now, it’s not possible. Right now, I can walk down to the farmer’s market and get a pretzel roll. I can walk up the road and buy a copy of the “The Night Circus” for a few pounds. I can spend the day in a sunny flat with Andrew and the cat, and go out to perform shows in the evening. I even have an audition tomorrow; I’m singing this:

Andrew’s going to be so sick of hearing me sing these things over and over again probably. But he loved the show last night. I’m really glad he was there. I have a few friends coming tonight, and I’m really excited for them to experience it. I am proud of this show.


I got this in an email yesterday, and I spoke to a friend today about how his heart isn’t in his job right now, but that he’s working on a side project and trying to turn it into a possible job.

You may feel a greater need to expand your ideas or projects into the world today, which might be because of your desire to share what you have to offer with others. Connecting with others whether it is through your creations, thoughts, or actions could be a way for you to affect positive change on the world. Perhaps if you can think of the ideas you have and how they may influence the world in a way that is meaningful for others, you might notice that your ideas could be successful not only based on what they are but on how they make other people feel. Trying to contribute to projects that truly benefit others might change the way people perceive the world and have a transformative impact on the way someone else decides to live their life.

Our ideas and designs can positively influence other people in the world. If we only thought of our own gain when going out into the world, the energetic signal we would send to the universe would be one of self-serving intentions. Bringing an idea into the world through a project, product, or form of creative expression that is meant to heal and help, however, helps us cultivate a greater amount of positive energy through our work, making our ideas work for the betterment of others’ lives. By developing constructive ideas for your projects today, your work will bring about positive change in the world.

– Daily Om


Also, I found this interesting thought about introverts (obviously written by someone who isn’t one, but that’s okay). Have you ever read “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain? I have it on my Kindle, and I’ve read part of it so far, but I really want to read the rest. I think it’s beautiful.


I want to clarify what I said last night: I didn’t mean that I don’t like hearing about your everyday details. Only that people who work in performance-based professions tend to discuss who they know and what happened and what they did and when. Like boasting, in a factual way. It kind of feels like they are reciting their resume and contact list when you read a biography like that. Even though it was fictional, I loved “Dancer” by Colum McCann because it was more fluid and subjective and philosophical. It was a reflection on what it takes to make art, and who is affected by it, and how it shapes and changes relationships — relationships between people, between the self and the world, between the world and identity.

But you talk about those things anyway. And I do love hearing the details of who, what, where, when, why, how in your letters. So don’t let anything I say make you censor what you share with me.

Now, back to the stage =).


Songs For a New World, 2013

Songs For a New World, 2013


One thought on “Creative Expression

  1. I was quite in a hurry and wasn’t able to reply to this, but I loved the photos! Thank you so much for sharing them with me. You look lovely as always. How I wish I could be there to watch you sing. You look happy 🙂


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