One Day I’ll Fly Away

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore  (Taken on March 23, 2010)

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore (Taken on March 23, 2010)

7 June 2013
7:38 AM


Funny, I was just thinking of Singapore yesterday. Going there three years ago elicited many firsts for me: first time to ride an airplane, first time to go another country, first time to ask directions from a stranger, and many more.

This is what I wrote to accompany the photo above:

23 March 2010
12:26 pm

Tuesday was for exploring Singapore alone. Walking the streets, can barely read a map, poor skills at navigating and getting directions – I didn’t expect to survive much in a city I hardly know. But it’s so lovely to be lost sometimes, and see where your feet takes you.

This is taken at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I was in awe the whole time I was there. The walls were literally covered in Buddhas, varying in shapes and sizes. There is also a corresponding Buddha for the Chinese zodiac under which you are born.

I just felt like I walked into a different world entirely, and how marvelous is that?

I miss Singapore, even if I was only there for about a week. I think I would like to go back sometime. Just to visit–I don’t think it’s a place where I would want to actually live.

And then–to travel some more. God, yes, I do want to travel very much. You often talk about growing roots; I often dream about flying, and being out there.

Good morning.



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