Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

3 June 2013
11:42 pm

T. —

Again, I’m not good with the words tonight, but I will blame it on Game of Thrones. Are you all caught up with the current episode? Have you read the books before? Did you see this coming?

I’m also readjusting to writing at night. It seems I’m not great at doing things as soon as I’ve woken up or right before I go to bed. Maybe that should be the time for meditation. Andrew would love a Buddha statue from you by the way — if you can find one, and whenever you send another package. Nothing big — he just saw the picture you posted up of yours a while ago, and mentioned that he really loved it. Only if it’s no trouble.

I lay awake a few nights ago reading “Poems After Midnight”, a small collection of, well, poems after midnight. This poem is from there, but I’ve read it before and loved it. That final image. That plea.


The Midnight Club
Mark Strand

The gifted have told us for years that they want to be loved
For what they are, that they, in whatever fullness is theirs,
Are perishable in twilight, just like us. So they work all night
In rooms that are cold and webbed with the moon’s light;
Sometimes, during the day, they lean on their cars,
And stare into the blistering valley, glassy and golden,
But mainly they sit, hunched in the dark, feet on the floor,
Hands on the table, shirts with a bloodstain over the heart.






3 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. I’ve read the books (that is, until Book 3 / A Storm of Swords) so I know what’s going to happen. But I haven’t seen the latest episode yet. No, I didn’t see that coming while I was reading it, just like any other shocker that I’ve encountered while reading the series so far. I think that’s what makes George R.R. Martin masterful in his storytelling. He can be cruel–and how!–but the way he arranges for things to happen leaves me breathless. After Book 3 it really has been cemented in my mind how no one is safe. “Anyone can be killed,” says Arya Stark, and she’s not wrong in saying so. I should’ve felt this way back in Book 1 (A Game of Thrones) after the climax but I was persistent in believing that that was the worst of it. Boy, was that an understatement! Come Book 2 (A Clash of Kings) I almost threw my book across the room because of Theon Greyjoy, but then remembered that I was holding a Kindle instead of an actual book. Now, though, I have the paperbacks, so I can throw them any time I damn please.

    The thing with the TV series is that the acting is superb and the craftsmanship and production is, too, so I am still on the edge of my seat even if I know the story. I love seeing what was removed and what characters/plots were combined and thinking the hows and whys of it–because the books are massive it would be hard to adapt them in real scale. So I’m looking forward to–and really dreading–how they filmed the RW.

    How about you? Where are you in your readings now? Have you finished with Book 1?

    Thanks for Poems After Midnight. I am definitely interested in that as I am a night owl. But I find that I like writing the morning posts (so far). By the way, I have posted the same painting before. Made me smile when I saw it in your letter.

    Noted re: the Buddha. I have three on my desk. One was bought in Singapore, the other two were from a long time ago. But I will take a look when I have a chance 🙂 Do you want one, too?


    • I would love a Buddha if you can find one. No rush. Whenever you stumble upon one.

      I’m still in Book 1. Still working on it. I have so many books half-read right now. How can I ever finish them? I’ve started re-reading “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” again — I’m about half-way through that too. Why am I starting to re-read when I’m in the middle of books I’ve just started for the first time? Why do I have to read multiple books all at once? (These are theoretical questions)

      • Ditto re: rereading. I think lately I reread more than I start new ones. I have a lot of books that I’ve left halfway, too, and it takes years before I pick them up again.


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