The Way A Poet Looks

Au Cafe by Jean Beraud

Au Café by Jean Béraud

31 May 2013
4:21 PM


I am a few streets away from the hotel, at this little café called Subspace. It is a little too hip for me, or, maybe I am a little too old for places like this. The walls (or at least, this wall am facing) are adorned with black-and-white photos of astronauts, and the coffee cups have quotes on them. For instance, mine reads: “There’s coffee in that nebula.” It was suppose to have been said by Captain Kathryn Janeway, USS Voyager NCC-74656. College kids are everywhere, and the music is Korean pop. (My youngest sister brought me here, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.)

I feel very much a curmudgeon, and am trying not to feel annoyed (well I already am, ha). How I wish I was in a Jean Béraud painting.

Yes, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. My books are already stacked by the bedside table, and I have claimed the couch beside the big window, where I plan to do my writing.

Here is something I’m holding onto:

“The way a source strains toward the light, toward the air. Its laboring work, its effort, its black passageways like despair. That’s the way a poet looks for words. With muscles, gestures.”

— Anna Kamienska, from her Diary, 1970 (x)

More tomorrow. Hope you have fun during your rehearsals. Try to get some rest if you can.



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