19 May 2013
9:06 am

T. —

I have to run to rehearsal. I’m sorry that my morning posts have been so short recently, but I’ll make it up this week. I’ll send you a long email as well, catching you up on the nuances of what I am not sharing with you here.


Here are some goodies:

A short story written by Miles Klee, a man I went to high school with, which is now a published author!

An article about the reading brain that Andrew sent me yesterday. I didn’t know there was a subsection of people who have sworn off paper completely. Why? I wonder. That’s a legitimate question. Not like Whyyyyy??? but actually, for what reasons?


I used to play the piano but I was never terribly good  at it. I own a flute, guitar and violin which are all at my mom’s house in the US. I only learned to play the flute and guitar, but never took the skill far enough. One day. I’ll learn all of them and more.



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