Work, AM

Work, AM

17 May 2013
11:51 am

T. —

Emily came over this morning and we sang through Songs For a New World together. It felt great to know that we could get through it all. It felt uplifting to be able to sense the world of the show as a whole: new, weighty, free, a heart of emotion at the core of all of the songs. Beautiful.


The sun is out, the day is beautiful, I have letters to read and letters to write, and I want to go out and do it in the sun, so I’m going to keep this brief.


I have this urge to take care of things. I wrote about how it upsets me that the grass in Charlotte Square gets trampled to death during the book festival. I feel the same way about Princes Street Gardens after they have been used for the winter festival (ice rink, games, rides, etc). I would actually be elated to see the ice skating rink moved elsewhere, to somewhere that won’t have to recover for the better part of a year afterwards.

This is Princes Street Gardens, after the recovery:

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 2013

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 2013

It’s beautiful. I might go walk past it today, actually. It deserves to be taken care of. It deserves to be protected.


Today is still good, but I am reminded that a positive outlook is something you practice, just as much as any other craft or skill. I’m off to recharge in the sunshine, get some practice in.



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