New Jersey, 2012

New Jersey, 2012

13 May, 2013
2:14 pm

T. —

Busy morning. We are excavating our house, clearing, cleaning, releasing old energies. Lots of things going on. Probably things more for a private email, so I’ll send them over to you today. Mostly, I just really want to hear from you.


Iowa City to Boulder
William Matthews

I take most of the drive by night.
It’s cool and in the dark my lapsed
inspection can’t be seen.
I sing and make myself promises.

By dawn on the high plains
I’m driving tired and cagey.
Red-winged blackbirds
on the mileposts, like candle flames,
flare their wings for balance
in the blasts of truck wakes.

The dust of not sleeping
drifts in my mouth, and five or six
miles slur by uncounted.
I say I hate long-distance

drives but I love them.
The flat light stains the foothills
pale and I speed up the canyon
to sleep until the little lull
the insects take at dusk before
they say their names all night in the loud field.


I miss driving. I miss the release of intentional, directed travel. I do miss that sense of freedom a lot.

Mostly, I think it’s that I miss space — having an expanse to travel through.



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