From BeHappy.me

From BeHappy.me

8th May, 2013
10:42 am

T. —

Look! It’s actually the AM and I’m writing! I like getting the daily quotes from Be Happy, but seldom do they align so perfectly as this one does today.

I made peanut-butter-and-jelly-and-banana wraps for us for breakfast this morning, It was so good that I couldn’t finish it all in one sitting. Now I have a snack for halfway through the morning, which would be about now. I wanted to talk a picture of the arrangement of ingredients on the wrap before I rolled them up. I got too excited though, and forgot. But the rolling up was perfect.

Had a wonderful coffee date with a new friend yesterday afternoon, though neither of us had coffee (I had raspberry gelato because the day felt like the first instance of warmth in Scotland; she had a soy hot chocolate), and we talked about (among many things) the importance of having a community of like-minded people. In this case, a conscious community, a spiritual community, a community open to growth and dialogue. It made me think of you. What is your perspective on community? I think of you alone often, because it seems that you prefer your own company, but then again, here we are. I know there might be many fears rooted in this idea for you, as there are for many of us. But what interests me is that the impulse is there. The desire (need?) to reach out? To want to connect?

“Sometimes I think, were I just a little rougher made, I would go altogether to the woods — to my work entirely, and solitude, a few friends, books, my dogs, all things peaceful, ready for meditation and industry — if for no other reason than to escape the heart-jamming damages and discouragements of the world’s mean spirits. But, no use. Even the most solitudinous of us is communal by habit, and indeed by commitment to the bravest of our dreams, which is to make a moral world. The whirlwind of human behavior is not to be set aside.”

– Winter Hours by Mary Oliver

Just some wonderings.





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