2013-05-03 12.51.19

3 May 2013
12:58 pm

T. —

I thought I got somewhere yesterday, but then the morning came, and I woke up again. Made some sketchings towards writing, and some notes, and some diagrams. Here’s one: the source materials, the shaper, and the vessel of completion. I can’t figure out the source of dance, and I don’t know if I have the poet correct. I’m still working on that one.

Some findings:

Try the dictionary first.

Why can’t I put this one my resume: epistolary artist. I want to read everyone.

I was convinced today would be a longer space, a vaster moment, but I have already had to restart my morning twice. I’m trying. Your poem yesterday hit home harder than you realize.




One thought on “Mo(u)rning

  1. For years now I’ve been wanting to put letter-writer or corresponder, but it doesn’t sound as good, and mean what I want it to mean. Perhaps epistolary artist is right. And yes, I want it, too, to be called that. Although I haven’t looked at my resume in years.

    Other things I want to be: librarian, collector of ephemera, wanderer (of intangible places), imaginist (make of that what you will). A dreamer (ah, but times are hard for dreamers).


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