2 May 2013
3:27 PM


T. —

I like the new letter format. I am really sorry this post is so late. I ran out this morning with so much on my mind and a half-dying phone. Andrew monopolized the phone chargers. I realized how much I really need this phone for – it surprises me… I am new to having a smartphone, but now I am reliant on it. And when I got on the bus, I realized that I had “Wild,” but no pen for underlining. What will become of me, with no phone and no pen? My cords to the outside world severed.

I know it’s severe, but I came home and wanted to cut myself off completely. I am now exhausted, just from being here. Just from trying to find my way, to be enough for myself.

I had so many thoughts for today. I’ll try to get them again tomorrow. I know I am not using my mornings effectively. I’m partially apologetic, and partially apoplectic.

Good morning.



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