Everything Happens Here, 2013

Everything Happens Here, 2013

This is a water-installation poem called “Everything Happens Here” by Polarbear and Simon Turner, in a newly-developed plaza around St. Martin’s Church near the Bullring mall in Birmingham. I wish I could find the full text of the poem, or that I had stopped to write it all out. But that’s all the information I could find out about it online, above.

I met Ian today, Rachel’s boyfriend. It’s always so fascinating to meet someone who knows in-depth knowledge of someone else you know. Awesome day… we covered such a wide span of topics.

Motivation. Challenge. Care-giving. Boundaries. Empathy. Awareness. Morals. Pacing. Matching. Fear. Hallucinations. Mentality. Trust. Belief. Purpose. Strength. Travel. Extending. Responsibility. Understanding. History. Action. Exposure. Gesture. Laughter. Humor. Inclination. Tendency. Habit. Opposite. Connection. Forgiveness. Intention. Determination. Camaraderie. Comfort. Familiarity. Judgment. Acceptance. Pattern. Isolation. Intelligence. Fluidity. Adventure. Home.

My Canon, and the hills...

My Canon, and the hills…

Choose one of these, and I’ll write to you about it tomorrow.

Although, not judgment. I feel like I’ve already written far too much about that this week.

Goodnight, T.


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