Something Special

An expensive mess

An expensive mess

I was walking past my father’s liquor cabinet and was almost to my office when there was a loud crash. I turned around, and suddenly there’s wine everywhere. I was frozen for a few seconds and then I was moving, pushing chairs away, flipping the carpet over (the stains!). I walked gingerly over broken glass and examined the mess. The second-tier of the glass shelf has come undone, and so the bottles on top of it fell. The damage: a bottle of Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon (which is fine), and a bottle of blended Scotch whisky (which is not at all fine). Also: my mother’s small figurine animals, which was a present from my father from before I was born. Sigh.

I don’t like it when a bottle goes to waste, but I’m not crying over Hardy’s VR—I could get that anywhere. To watch Something Special drip on the floor though—that is another story.

There was no feasible explanation regarding the crash. That cabinet and that shelf has been there for years. My primary suspect: gravity. I examined the aluminium shelf brackets and they’re okay.

I just called my father and told him what happened. He was sad over the whisky, too. I don’t know if we’ll still be able to find that here. We’ve been saving that bottle for, well, something special. (Oh, we’ve drank it before, but we’ve managed not to finish everything all in one go. Turns out we didn’t get to open this one; I had mistaken it for another bottle. So: total loss.)

These were left standing, in the end:

Survivors of the crash

Survivors of the crash. Not in photo: more bottles on the other end of the table.

My father collects only a few things in his life: James Bond DVDs, old coins, paperback thrillers, wine and spirits, among others. I was very sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Now to hunt for that damn bottle as replacement.

Good morning, M.


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