Goodbye, March

Here we are again, where things are ending and beginning.

Good night, M.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, March

  1. I totally love this tender exchange, and I love that it came from ModPo (didn’t it?) The quality and sensibility of these artifacts are simple, profound, open-ended, delicate and sweet. Thank you for allowing us to be part of it, and thank to Susan Schein for drawing attention to it. Sandra Stephenson

  2. Hi Czandra,

    The above image is part of a project by artist Alex Finlay. You can read all about it here; he explains where he got the phrase from. What poem did it remind you of?


    • our life is a carrying stream

      there’s nothing to add to that,
      but to the commentary there is
      this: that no man can step in
      the same burn not only because
      the water has changed, but
      because the man has also changed

  3. I haven’t the words to respond as eloquently as Czandra has (Czandra, though the words be but commentary, they are rich!), but I will join in celebration of this lovely correspondence. Thank you so much, T. and M., for inviting us in.

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