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DIY curtains

I was convinced that I had titled one of my blog posts with “Light” already, and I was going to title this “Light II”. No matter. There will be more posts about light, I’m sure.

We put up new curtains on Tuesday night. I say “put up”, which really means that Andrew did his best to secure the crap-quality curtain rod set we got for £6, and I came home and helped him to hang the curtains on them without any rings, hems, or any way to secure them, really. Until I remembered hair pins. So, our curtains are held together beautifully with 8 hair pins. And I love them.

This morning, I woke up at 7am to bright sunlight streaming through the curtains. We have a crystal in the window, and it was flinging rainbows across the entire room:

2013-03-28 07.29.38

a.m. rainbows

I tried to wake up Andrew, but he wanted another hour to sleep. I just lay there watching them for a while, and then grabbed a few pictures with my phone (camera was out of reach, but likely would have produced magical pictures). All I could think was I am so lucky. I am so blessed, and there are so many rainbows in my life right now, even if they don’t look exactly like this.

I’ve really been enjoying the Holy Week services at St. Giles because it brings me together with the same people I always sing with, but in a new way. There are fewer of us, and there are many that I don’t know as well as others. It shakes up the routine, and it has been drawing out beautiful new connections that I hadn’t seen before.

Yesterday, my friend Caroline was telling me about finishing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: the show I went to see her in last week. She said, sometimes it feels like I have jetlag. I feel this heaviness in my bones, and I need to get my body back again.


I watched another episode of Smash this morning. I know this song is from a few episodes ago, but I couldn’t get a link to one from this week’s episode. Something in this story line is coursing through me; something in it is feeding where I am in my own theater experience, and it’s literally pouring more ambition into me, more desire, more fight.

Had coffee with Emily this morning (Woman 2 in the show this summer). I cannot wait for the next two weeks to unfold.


I found a book of Ben Okri’s poems at the library yesterday, and I think this is important: in one of Kilian’s blog entries, he talks about life as a house:

Certainly not through money do we learn happiness. They allow you to buy a world, an identity, the image of a life, but a life cannot be bought, it has to be built. Like a house: a day stretched, we decide we want to live there, pave the ground with a shovel, rocks with a pick, our hands, cement, thereafter to walk through the door.

(my translation)

Later in the entry, he offers words from other people who have been inspiring to him: “I want to share with you some of the voices that have influenced me to build my house.”


Then, I found a pair of relevant quotes on Pinterest:

“A relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.”

“If you carry the bricks from your past relationship, you will end up building the same house.”


When I opened up Wild yesterday, the book of Ben Okri’s poems, I found a beautiful house:

Marriage is more than strong passions
Or a home of too many emotions.
It is a house of royal reason, good
Sense, kindness and, above all,
Friendship. If for a poet I sound
Prosaic, then you miss my beat.

(Wedding Prayer)

All I know: things come to you in patterns. The whole world speaks to you, to help guide you through whatever you are traversing, in whatever state of mind you find yourself, with whatever help you need.


Good morning, T.


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. This is the song I really wanted to show you from Smash:

    What I loved about it is that this song happens when they are trying to convince the director to scale back the production to minimalist sets, showing that the story can still happen with bodies instead of needing to use technology. I love how they use the dancers to show the obstacles that stand between two people being able to get back to each other. How it feels like the world gets in the way.

    • Wow, this is lovely. I haven’t seen any episode of Smash except for this. (I used to watch Glee though, until it stopped making sense hah). Thanks for sharing this with me.


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