Kilian Jornet, professional photo

I just met Kilian Jornet for the first time through a NYTimes Magazine Article: Becoming the All-Terrain Human by Christopher Solomon. I say met because I feel like there are connections of the heart that can be made between absolute strangers, and I feel like I know him already, or I want to, or I need to. I’ve felt that way about Tyler Knott Gregson, who graciously exchanged emails with me once, even though I’d like to become close friends with him. I’ve felt that way about poets, photographers, artists. I felt that way when I met Dennis O’Driscoll, and I always dreamed that I would meet him again in my life. The dream was so vividly real that I cried in a poetry workshop earlier this month when I found out he had died last Christmas. All I can find out about it is that “his death came suddenly.”

But Kilian reminds me of the sparks of life, the poetry of breath and movement and living. I am having another lazy morning, trying to drag myself from the bed for the second time today. I rolled over, picked up my phone and started reading NYTimes articles. This one made me sit up. This one made me reach for my computer, made me search for his name, made me watch his videos and wish that I knew him. This one made me want to get up and run, made me want to reach out, made me want to become more.

Time to change clocks, time to stop it and transport it to another dimension, not faster or slower, but another dimension, the time of the giants.
After World Championships full of joy and good times is time to change bags, and take another material with two friends away.

In a conversation during the summer was born a dream, to go explore the mountains that dazzle climbers from going to explore the mountains of the Himalayas of Nepal with skis.

It will be time to get away from all that leaves us time (internet, social media, mobile, training, races …) to focus on the movements of the body and around us. Tomorrow we go with Jordi Tosas and Jordi Corominas to Kathmandu until the end of March with only a backpack, skis, a tent and a lot of motivation, and personally, I want to learn a lot from these two masters and these mountains.


There is excitement in the air. Energy is created, sparks fly.

Even though we’re on opposite sides of the world, we’re part of the same tribe.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Who’s in your tribe?

I could be discouraged by how much he has achieved by the age of 25, T. But I’m not. I’m inspired. He’s becoming one of my heros, for the way he sees the world, for the way that he responds to it.

I’m going out for a walk.

Good morning, T.


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