I Almost Forgot

To write this post. I was supposed to take a nap before dinner, but I ended up sleeping for most of the evening. I didn’t even had dinner. I woke up past midnight, and here I am.

My day was nothing special. A tech guy went by our house to install a device on the telly so we can continue receiving cable shows. Networks have recently moved to the digital format, so now everyone who has cable is sort of forced to do the same. Imagine—it’s only taken most of us just now to convert from analog to digital. Our TV isn’t even flat screen. It’s big, bulky, and damn heavy. Anyway, I was playing with the remote control and noticed that one can play a game while simultaneously viewing a show. I shake my head at this. Ah, technology. Making things simpler, but at the same time, even more complicated.

Some links to share with you for a bit of light weekend reading:

“What influence has your gender had on your writing and/or life?

My gender (female) has had absolutely no influence on my writing; it has had an enormous influence on my life. In my writing I think of myself as a poet, that is, in my writing my gender is poet, while in my life I think of myself as a woman, I have lived my life as a woman, a woman’s life. In my writing, gender becomes genre. Of course my life has influenced my writing, that I cannot deny; but I am denying the logic (clearly) that would then link my gender to my writing. I see the logic but I deny it; perhaps this is what makes my gender/genre poetry. In my life, I have a body, that of a woman; in my writing I have only my mind, that of a poet.”

Good night, M. I hope things go well for you at your concert.


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