I Am Building A World For You

I am building a World for you

I am building a world for you… by Sam Brown

It feels like an unproductive day so far, and I’m trying to find the energy to change that. I made myself a good breakfast, cleaned most of the kitchen, hung out with the cat. But Bloom doesn’t need more lazy time; she needs Andrew to play with her. Last night when he came home, she ran around the house like crazy.

So what do I need? I need a direction for these days. I’m quickly finding more free time than ever, but I want to use it effectively, not just hanging around in bed all day. Andrew’s suggestion — Make 5 tasks: 2 for work, 2 for chores, and 1 for fun. Then do them in whatever order you like.

It’s a way to get started, definitely.

Our neighbours across the way had a big party last night. The lights kept me up. Who were they entertaining? I don’t have the energy to throw a party right now.

Tasks for the day:

  • wash the kitchen floor
  • tidy the bedroom
  • practice music for Dixit Dominus tomorrow
  • proofread some more of Michael’s book
  • read/write letters? I’ll decide on my fun task when I get to it.

That should take me up to dance class tonight. And then I still have the evening to enjoy.

Better get started.

Good morning, T.


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