New Ventures

Sunset at Tomas Morato

Sunset at Tomas Morato

Was at my dad’s office awhile ago because of a meeting. My father may have or may not have started a new business today, a sort of travel agency. It’s all a blur to me. The evening was full of corporate and marketing jargon, which made me squirm in my chair a lot. I’m nervous as to my new role in all of this, and wondered why I was even called in. Everyone else there were high-functioning adults who are currently successful with their lives. All I know is, there’s a possibility of travel in the future—I’m just not sure if that will include me.

My father is always one to pounce on an opportunity—meanwhile I’m always wary.

The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled though as about two hours before that, the scene below us was like this:

2013-03-16_T (2) 2013-03-16_T (3)

Kids swimming in the flood

Kids swimming in the flood

We were lucky enough to have arrived at my father’s building before it really started pouring. Else we wouldn’t be able to pass through that at all.

Trying to find some meaning from today’s images/metaphors/what-have-you: is it that the sun will shine after a rainshower, or that one must enjoy a passing rain as a child would? Or: wow, what a beautiful sunset, but look out, flood below?

Good night, M. I love Handel. Wish I could hear you sing.


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