Changed Priorities

2013-03-14 16.46.22

I know that this street sign means that traffic will be prioritised from a different direction, but every time I see it, I think it is a beautiful mantra. An opportunity for change, for evolution, for re-evaluation. I hope it encourages more than just me.

Not so late today, but still a quick morning on this side of the threshold. On the other side: class, a walk across town and back again, some housework, my last dance class, finding dinner, and a movie tonight with two friends. I like taking stock of my day in the morning, to see how it will play out, to remember the markers of what will happen and whether or not I expected it.

As a wish for your birthday, I wish for you changed priorities, and less of what you expect.


Ted Kooser has morning and evening birthday poems.

A Birthday Poem
Ted Kooser

Just past dawn, the sun stands
with its heavy red head
in a black stanchion of trees,
waiting for someone to come
with his bucket
for the foamy white light,
and then a long day in the pasture.
I too spend my days grazing,
feasting on every green moment
till darkness calls,
and with the others
I walk away into the night,
swinging the little tin bell
of my name.

A Happy Birthday
Ted Kooser

This evening, I sat by an open window
and read till the light was gone and the book
was no more than a part of the darkness.
I could easily have switched on a lamp,
but I wanted to ride this day down into night,
to sit alone and smooth the unreadable page
with the pale gray ghost of my hand.


Good morning, T. Happy Birthday =)


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