Blue Skies


Leaving the sheets

I’m in the habit of leaving a crisply-made bed in the mornings, pulling the blankets taut and fluffing the pillows. It makes it nice to come home to. But this morning, we have both stumbled out of bed, headfirst into the day, balancing preparation with what time we have left. I thought I would steal a picture before order is restored.

We usually have beautiful sheets the color of the sea: duck egg, the package called them. Sea foam is how they look to me. But these sheets are in line due to be washed (should have done it yesterday while I had the time), so we have the replacements sheets on today. They’re the guest sheets, or the while-others-are-washing sheets. When we woke up to blue skies this morning, it felt like we were sleeping amidst the sky.

I am ready for the day. More beautiful lines from the book:

We seek to serve that which directs us to create. Hence we are somewhat indifferent to what we create, since it serves a purpose higher than we understand. The person who creates is not important, only what they create, what they make. Those who are the best servants of the higher powers have more servants to help them do the work. That is why some have the power of ten while others have only their own power, which is, in the long run, the power of nothing, of dust, of oblivion. Through our works must shine not the power of the person, but the power of the power. True fame should belong to the power which guides us in the dark.”                 – Starbook, Ben Okri

Good morning, T. It is almost your birthday!




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