I didn’t give myself quite enough time this morning. But a little hurrying never hurt anyone. Plus, I can come home straight after St. Giles today; no more going straight to work. I’ll have the rest of the day to read, write, catch up on things at home, call my mom, make some dinner. Sundays already feel much better when they’re not jam-packed

It looks like I’ll be walking to church through some snow, although as soon as I say that and look out the window, the flurries have slowed. Surprise snowfall, just when we thought spring might be coming, just when I’ve sent my winter coat to the cleaners. If snow wasn’t  so cold, it would be perfect. But then, it wouldn’t be snow.

The day stretches lazily out in front of me. It’s funny how stepping back and taking things slower actually makes me achieve me. I’m the least productive when I’m over-scheduled, trying to fit more things in. I’m the happiest when I have space and time to rest and reflect.

The clocks have gone forwards in the US for daylight savings time, but we don’t adjust for another 3 weeks at least. That gives me 3 weeks of only being 4 hours apart from my friends and family (7 hours on the West Coast). And in 3 weeks, you and I will only be 7 hours apart for a season. That will be nice. It makes the world feel slightly smaller.

Good morning, T.


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