Morning Rush


Lion bag and my little tigress

Not much time this morning, which I had assumed would happen. I have to catch a train for St. Andrews in half an hour, so it’s write, eat, pack, dress, run. Luckily, I packed most of my things last night. I’m trying to keep it light; I’ll only be gone for 2 days. So, the essentials: clothes, toothbrush, glasses, contact lenses. Notebook. Book of poetry. Trying to account for the more-than-likely concept that I will be returning home with more books than these.

I also have to bring all of my things to two events today before I can check into my Bed and Breakfast, as well as taking it with me to another event tomorrow in order to catch the bus to the train station in time to get back to Edinburgh. I love this brown bag, it’s perfect: large, hearty, easily a Mary Poppins bag, but still looks just like a normal daily bag. Bloom certainly likes it. She keeps knocking against it this morning to get me up so that I’ll feed her. Mission accomplished. She’ll either enjoy two days without us, or think that she has been abandoned.

This is my favorite trip of the year. If I were taking my computer with me, I would write a morning post from Leuchar’s train station. It feels like a mythical land, a half-way place, five miles outside of St. Andrews.

Right. On the move. Heading out. Tomorrow’s post will have to come later in the afternoon when we get back to Edinburgh, so bear with me.

Good morning, T.



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