Note to Self

And when is that?

Obviously I haven’t found the answer yet

Been trying to write you a letter the whole day. Try being the keyword.

Because I don’t have it tonight, I’ll let others speak for me:

“…we stare at things, and wait for the emptiness to fill in.”
Sheila Heti

He began one class by asking, “Why do you write poetry?” Several students dared to answer. “To make something beautiful” — “To interrogate the dominant ideology” — “To give voice to the powerless.” The student with the vinyl fish bag offered, “To get the bug out of my ear.” Levine said, “There’s only one reason to write poetry. To change the world.”
Mark Levine on Philip Levine

“We’ll try again tomorrow,” I said, scraping the sand from his tongue. “Surely the monsters will wait for us.”
— from Fabricating Fear by B.J. Hollars

Good night, M.


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