Sometimes I Forget

Today's little wonder

Today’s little wonder

A discussion of how I live my life emerged today at the breakfast table, and it all started with feta cheese.

My father asked me to bring out the little bottle from the fridge because he wanted to put it in his pan de sal. The cheese has remained untouched ever since we came back from our trip after Christmas, so it was frozen solid. I had to make a warm bath for it in the pan first while my sister waited impatiently.

Then we ate in bliss. It was so good. I didn’t want to weird anyone out again by proclaiming my undying love for cheese (which I often do, most likely at the grocery store), so I just commented casually on how I love these bottled things, and wish I could make them all the time. I saw a Naked Chef episode once where Jamie Oliver made some edible presents for his family and friends, like preserved lemons. It’s under my Things to Do When I’m Finally Living Alone list. Also: Things to Pickle, and Edible Food in Bottles Because I Love Them.

Papa was shaking his head, and I realise I may have gone overboard (again). Our housekeeper, who was listening in on our conversation, said, “Yeah, good luck with that. I would love to see you try.” I asked her why, and she said, “You’re a writer. Once you sit on your desk, you won’t resurface until the end of the day. You’ll probably only come out of your room once. So, goodbye to all the things you want to do.” My sister, laughing, said, “No, she’s T. She wants to do so many things. The hours are never enough.”

There’s a moral in there somewhere. I don’t know if they say these things because they find my daily obsessions endearing or they just want to make fun of me. Probably both.

Sometimes I forget that I live with other people, and that my life does not always go unnoticed. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Things I Want to Make:

…and so much more. I dream of a kitchen, and with you visiting, and we cook and we talk and we eat, and we finish a bottle of wine. Someday.

Good morning, M.


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