Single Stories


Major Arcana: Star


One word: “Light”

My friend introduced me to Shadowscapes, a series of tarot cards illustrated by artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I ordered the deck in January, but they only arrived from the US today. I was charged an additional £11.78 in customs tax (*note: amount includes £8 handling fee). I was going to fight it, but then I thought: I just want these cards. I already knew they would be important. I think I am a little bit in love with them.

As part of the special package I ordered, I could choose any of the Major Arcana cards as a larger print, so I chose the star. This is the description she uses to explain it:


Regaining hope, faith in the future, inspiration, tranquility amid trouble, harmony, offering without reservations, sharing and being generous.

Silver gilded footsteps
glide on silver flowing streams
with the silver glowing starlight
etching night in silver seams

Why I chose it: to remind me of this, to redirect my path when it may appear dark or fearful. To navigate by.

Also in the package I bought: the chance to offer up a single word and have an original card drawn up for you from that inspiration. I offered: “Light”. The sketched card is the one I received in response.

I love all of these cards already. I am resisting the urge to peel through them, gazing at them all one after the other. Instead, I am choosing a card every day to direct my energies, thoughts, and flow, and in this way I will learn each card as it is for who and what it is. Individual. Unique. A complete story.

Sigh. Beautiful.

Goodnight, T.

(Images ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law)


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