Clearing Space


Clear desk, clear mind?

Andrew encouraged me today to clean my desk. I tried. All of the books and papers are now in piles on the bed, but at least the top of my desk is clear. I’m really interested in creating a sorting process that will keep it that way.

The inventory of what will stay on my desk:
– Pens, post-in notes, scissors and other tools.
– Letter holder.
– The potted roses from Andrew.
– A box of letter-writing essentials, which also includes the notebooks I am making for friends, but does not include the numerous letters that I have received from others. They are in a separate box, not on my desk.
– Lamp
– Heart picture frame with our wedding photo.
– Candles from Guatemala, in homemade candle-holders.
– Fabric heart coaster for hot drinks.
– Computer.
– Music.
– Me.
– Space. Clear space.

I know it’s a small thing, but somehow I feel like this night has been productive. At least, I’ll tell myself that while I kick back and finish my beer. Before I wash the dishes.

Goodnight, T.


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