Monday morning

Sam gives me a kiss.

Some good things on a Monday:

  • Mail’s here! My friend K. sent me a book of fantastic drawings and a short letter which lifted me considerably. Something she said that made me look at the past year in a new way: “…she wasn’t easy, no, this water dragon…but nonetheless she also gave us another 365 days to exist, and to find our existence in the people who surround us. I find the years too fast, my dear, and our breaths too short…”
  • Little Japanese cakes, fresh and hot from a small stall a few blocks away from my house. They cost about $0.12 a piece, and have two kinds of filling: custard cream and chocolate. I think it’s called cream yaki (imagawayaki) in Japan. It’s one of my favourite things in the world, and a staple in my childhood. Beginning the day (the week!) eating these is just fantastic.
  • Coffee! With cream! Yes! I feel human again.
  • Going outside to take a photo, but got distracted by my dog, who wanted to play. So we did.

Crossing my fingers that it’s going to be a good week.

Good morning, M.


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