Movement. Dance. Collaborate. Learn – teach – slow – quick – quick. Now. Again. Repeat. Try to do four in a row.

1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. 12,3,1,23,123… 4-5-6. Dance. A mentor told me: when you are too in your head, get into your body. Get into your space. Be somewhere that is not inside your own head and make a habit of going there regularly. 

Every Friday night, a dance class. 90 minutes, full effort. This week, a friend from the US on his journey, stopping with us for a while. Pick it up fast – learn it on the run. Somewhere we are always in sync, no matter the difference, distance. Somehow, those we love beat inside of us like a waltz, like a waltz in our hearts and our blood. When our blood rushes through veins and through brains and through hearts and stop-starts-stop-starts, we remember the balance between opening and closing and staying open. Chest up, arms wide, move on purpose. Feel the beat. Start where you can if you get lost. Join up, join in, join on, move in and through and around and in. Always in. The juxtaposition that something so external can help you locate where you are, not just your location in space. Where. You are. You are. You are who you find at any time. Find yourself. Moving.

The night is just starting.

Goodnight, T.



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